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The Salad Bowl Express is the unofficial name given to the Delfar, California to Selkirk, New York produce train which originally moved over the Southern Pacific to the Union Pacific, then to Conrail. Today, this train no longer officially goes by that name, and is instead referred to by train symbol, ZDLSKP. The Z preceding the train symbol denotes high priority.  In fact, on the Union Pacific, crews frequently refer to the train as the Salad Shooter!  Today, the train runs entirely over the Union Pacific to Chicago, where the CSX takes the train the rest of the way to Selkirk NY.

Leading the train are three brand new C45ACCTE locomotives.  The Union Pacific has their own classification scheme for these engines, despite the fact that they are known as General Electric ES44AC locomotives on other railroads.  These units are only a year or two old at best, so they have remained fairly clean, unlike some of their older siblings.  Trailing the locomotives is a 50 car consist of Trinity TrinCool 64’ ARMN reefers.  These high capacity reefers, with their externally mounted mechanical refrigeration units, make up the backbone of the Union Pacific reefer fleet.

Product Features

  • 3 Union Pacific GE C45ACCTE (ES44AC) locomotives (# 7964, #8022, and #8026)
  • 5 ARMN (UP) 64' Trinity TrinCool Reefers
  • Daytime and Nightime Cabviews
  • High Quality 22khz Audio
  • Ready to Run "Salad Bowl Express" Consist

System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Train Simulator (1.0 or higher)
  • 30 MB of available hard disk space
  • MSTSbin (For improved performance and physics handling)

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